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Colorado Statewide Independent Council (SILC)

SILC works in partnership with the Colorado Centers for Independent Living and the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Our role is to create and implement a State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) that supports the efforts of these organizations and reflects the needs of eligible independent living consumers across the state. SILC does not provide direct services or oversight of centers for independent living.

SILC is federally mandated to develop and implement a State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL). SILC Members are appointed by the governor after a recommendation by the full council, followed by a recommendation to the Office of Boards and Commissions by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

The composition of SILC is mandated in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. SILC membership must be composed of at least 51% members with disabilities, and maintain a voting majority of people with disabilities who are not state employees or employees of a center for independent living. These conditions, along with specific mandated members, means that SILC must consider the current composition before bringing new members onto the Council.

Additionally, SILC considers the following factors in recruiting a diverse and active membership:

  • Geographic representation
  • Ethnic/Cultural representation
  • Disability representation
  • Knowledge of the Independent Living Program
  • Affiliation with other state boards, commissions, and councils
  • A commitment of approximately 4-8 hours per month for SILC activities

SILC membership terms are three years and dependent on Boards and Commissions review of open slots. SILC meets in person four to six times per year, throughout the state. All SILC members must belong to at least one SILC committee. Generally, committees meet once a month by teleconference.

The membership process is as follows:

  • Complete the attached pre-application form and submit it along with your resume.
  • Your pre-application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee to determine your eligibility for membership based on current SILC composition.
  • You will be notified by phone or E-mail of your eligibility.
  • If eligible, a telephone interview will be scheduled.
  • After the interview, you may be invited to attend a regular SILC meeting to be introduced to the council and observe a meeting. At this time you and the council can decide if you are a good fit for SILC.
  • The Membership Committee will make a recommendation to the full SILC membership.
  • The SILC Chair, or his/her designee, will notify you of your status.
  • If you have been chosen for membership, you will be asked to fill out the Boards and Commissions online application and E-mail it along with a cover letter and resume to the SILC Coordinator and the DVR IL Coordinator.
  • The formal appointment process will end with your receipt of a notification from the Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions.

To apply, please click the pre-application link below and a Word document will open.  Simply fill out the application, attach your resumé and E-mail both documents to

SILC Membership Pre-Application


For New Members

Please read the New Member Orientation and Training Manual.

The manual is available as both regular and high-contrast PDF files.

PDF of the New Member Orientation

High Contrast Version PDF of the New Member Orientation

It is also available as PowerPoint files.

PowerPoint of the New Member Orientation

High Contrast Version PowerPoint of the New Member Orientation


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