The Colorado Statewide Independent Living Council (CSILC)
champions the full inclusion of people with disabilities in community life. We further this mission by strengthening independent living centers, advocating for change with elected and appointed officials, and educating the general public about independent living.

The Colorado Statewide Independent Living Council (CSILC)

  • partners with Colorado’s 10 independent living centers to ensure that every person with a disability in our state who wants to live independently has the resources to do so
  • promotes systemic reform to remove barriers to independent living
  • conducts research to inform policymakers and the general public
  • is a resource for people with disabilities and the communities in which they live
  • creates the state plan for independent living in collaboration with public and private stakeholders

Independent living is simply that—living in your own home, in your own community, and making your own decisions. Independent living is being in control of your own life, taking responsibility for your actions, taking risks, and either failing or succeeding on your own terms.

“Independent Living” means deciding one’s own pattern of life – schedules, entertainment, food, vices, virtues, leisure, and friends. It is the freedom to take risks and the freedom to make mistakes. The Atlantis Community, Denver.


  • We recognize the value of all people, and acknowledge their rights to dignity, freedom and inclusion.
  • We support a cross-disability, multicultural and disability justice perspective that promotes consumer control.
  • We believe that the application of independent living philosophy and the delivery of independent living services creates an environment that supports the potential of all Coloradoans.

Vision ico-vision

The Colorado Statewide Independent Living Council (CSILC) envisions a Colorado that offers equal and full participation in professional and community life to all people with disabilities.

and Public Policy ico-advocacy

The independent living movement sprang from the advocacy efforts of thousands of people with disabilities pressing for their civil and human rights, and advocacy remains a central tenet of independent living today. People with disabilities know that while legislation has the potential to change lives, that potential can only be realized through the unremitting efforts of committed advocates.