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Paving the pathways to full participation for the community of people with disabilities served by Colorado’s centers for independent living


The Colorado Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) envisions a Colorado that offers equal and full participation in professional and community life to all people with disabilities.


  • We recognize the value of all people, and acknowledge their rights to dignity, freedom and inclusion.
  • We support a cross-disability, multicultural and disability justice perspective that promotes consumer control.
  • We believe that the application of independent living philosophy and the delivery of independent living services creates an environment that supports the potential of all Coloradoans.

Colorado SILC’s mission, vision and values are built on the fundamental concept of the independent living philosophy, which challenges the long-held view that “people with disabilities need care from their community” to one of “people with disabilities can determine the type of support they need to live in and contribute to their community.”

“We can be free citizens, responsible for ourselves and pursuing our own interests, while also being responsible to our fellow citizens. By adopting fair, reasonable taxation and spending onhealthy.net policies, we can maintain the web of supports and services that keep us functioning not just as individuals, but as a community.”
– Laura Hershey/Huffington Post
Independence and Interdependence: Equally Important Values
Posted: August 25, 2010 05:38 PM
While much has changed since the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act paved the way for improvements in access to housing, education, employment, and recreation, life is still very, very difficult for the majority of people with disabilities. Even though the technology is available, and study after study demonstrates that life in the community is much more cost-effective than life in an institution, too many people with disabilities—who would prefer to live independently—are confined to nursing homes.
Colorado SILC is committed to changing this misperception that there are finite resources for people with disabilities—and their hopes and dreams for freedom and self-determination. This is particularly vital in these tough economic times where budget cuts could derail the progress that has been made toward inclusive and supportive communities.
We believe that where there is the will to find solutions, Colorado can deploy the resources necessary for full inclusion and full equality for people with disabilities.
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