Meeting Minutes November 16, 2011

Colorado SILC

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Members present: Debbie Petersen, Julia Beems, Billy Allen, Anna French, Larry Williams, and Judy Neal, SILC Coordinator

Excused absence: Hope Krause

Guests: Buna Dahal, Martha Mason, Autumn Gold, Joe Anzures

DVR present: Joel Pavelis, Rebecca Johnson

Public comment: Ody Allen

Lunch guests (ACCIL): Ian Engle, Beth Danielson, Nancy Jackson, and John Wooster


Chairperson’s Remarks: Debbie Petersen opened the meeting at 9:00 and introduced our guests, giving them the opportunity to tell about themselves and their interest in the SILC. She also welcomed Larry Williams as the new ACCIL representative.


Approval of Minutes: There was a motion by Billy Allen, seconded by Julia Beems to approve the minutes from the September 21st meeting. There was no discussion and no changes. Minutes were approved.


DVR Report: Joel Pavelis thanked the SILC for sponsoring the training for IL staff to be conducted by Gina McDonald. He reported that DVR has hired Supervisor II positions for the four regions. They are Jane Berry, Pablo Sandoval, Jennifer Scilacci, and Jim Crowe. He announced that Judy Neal is now officially the SILC Coordinator. The position for IL Program Coordinator has been posted and will close on Friday. DVR expects to have the position filled by mid-December.


Joel is working with the SILC and ACCIL on the changes to the state IL Rules and funding allocation process. He let the SILC know that DVR is not currently contracting for services with DCIL, and that the Independent Life Center in Craig is undergoing major changes. Joel also reported that Sean Barrett has transferred to the financial division of RSA and the new Region 8 IL representative for RSA is Deborah Cotter.


SILC Coordinator Report: Judy Neal reported that she has been attending the Rules meetings and assisted with planning the IL Training on behalf of the SILC. Her next priority is to move forward SILC applications for new members and renewing members, create a matrix to determine gaps in membership, and launch an aggressive recruiting initiative.


ACCIL Report: Larry Williams says that the ACCIL will contact the board chairs or the centers that are currently experiencing compliance issues and reorganization to offer support. He told the SILC that the ACCIL hopes to keep the funding allocations as part of the state IL Rules, but understands that we all need to work together to make sure all centers have adequate funding.  He indicated that the ACCIL feels that the recertification process that was recently completed offered opportunities to make changes and learn what training would be most helpful. Larry thanked the SILC and DSU for providing the upcoming IL training.


SRC Report: Debbie Petersen told the SILC about the SRC’s recent retreat with the theme “Navigating Through Challenging Times.”  She felt that the breakout sessions provided valuable insight, and the use of the SMART grid for creating goals provided real guidance for accomplishment. She reported that the Employment Committee is gathering data to create a baseline for the upcoming needs assessment. Debbie said that even though the number of people with disabilities achieving employment through DVR has significantly increased, the average hourly wage ($12.17) has not increased much. Debbie provided SILC members with copies of DVR’s “Economic Benefit to Colorado” cards.


Financial Report: Billy Allen presented the September financials which are consistent with charges made to the SILC account in the state accounting system. He then referred to the SILC’s funds that have already been committed, but not expended. The balance remaining is approximately $34,000, showing that the SILC has spent about 30% of the budget during the first five months of the fiscal year.


Committee Reports:

Membership: Judy Neal reported that the executive committee is acting as the membership committee. Applications from several of the SILC’s guests are being reviewed. She asked that all SILC members participate in the recruitment process that will be developed after the next round of applications are submitted.


Public Policy: Anna French reported that the committee is discussing the Community Transition Services program as a topic for issue briefs. At the next meeting, members will talk about the components of the transition process they believe need to be explored for publication. The committee is also considering hosting a legislative breakfast or “Meet and Greet” during the next legislative session. Buna Dahal is researching costs and protocol.


SPIL: Julia Beems told the SILC that this committee is awaiting the selection of the second ACCIL representative before scheduling its first meeting. Larry Williams said that he had been appointed by the ACCIL for that position. Julia will schedule a meeting soon. Julia told the SILC that, due to possible changes at some CILs, a SPIL amendment might become necessary.


Finance: Billy Allen had nothing more to report.


Old Business: Debbie Petersen said that the request for out of state travel to the SILC Congress could now move forward due to Judy’s official status as Coordinator. Debbie shared some of the SILC Congress agenda items and stated that it is her hope that both Judy and Julia can attend the conference in order to cover all of the training opportunities.


The dates of upcoming SILC meetings were reviewed, and the locations discussed. The January 18th meeting will be in Denver, March 21st meeting in Colorado Springs, and the May 16th  meeting will be on the Western Slope. Glenwood Springs, which may become a satellite office of CFI is a possible location, but Craig or Steamboat Springs may be our destination due to the changes in the Independent Life Center.


New Business: Billy Allen was pleased to tell the SILC that the Deaf Ambassador program is finally moving forward. He has conferred with the ACCIL and attended meetings with deaf services staff from several CILs. Billy thanked the ACCIL for providing the interpreters for a recent meeting at Atlantis. Billy told us that the Independence Center in Colorado Springs has been awarded a grant to conduct a needs assessment for deaf and hard of hearing services, giving the Deaf Ambassador Program a needed boost. The official kick-off for the program is January 2012.


Public Comment: Ody Allen talked to the SILC about the urgent need for deaf services in the Denver Metro area. Neither of the two Denver CILs has staff specifically to work with deaf or hard of hearing consumers. She provided the SILC with a written copy of her testimony.


Adjourn: The business portion of the SILC meeting was adjourned at 11:20. Members shared lunch with the ACCIL, then attended a training, along with IL staff, on Independent Living History and Philosophy.


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