Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2011


Colorado SILC General Meeting

May 18, 2011


Meeting Minutes


Present:  Anna French, Andy O’Riley, Debbie Petersen, Julia Beems, Judy Neal, Billy Allen


Guest:  Joel Paveli, Mandy Sorrentino, Buna Dahal


Staff: Richard Solosky


The Meeting was called to order by Julia Beems at 3:03pm


Approve minutes from meeting: Committee Reports: Julia mentioned that Brooke Whitney’s phone number name was misspelled.  With this correction, Anna motioned that we accept the minutes.  Andy seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


Officer Nomination: Debbie Petersen is to be Chair, Julia Beems is nominated as Secretary and Chair-Elect, and Billy Allen as Treasurer.  Having Julia act as both the Secretary and Chair Elect is a violation of the SILC By-Laws.  However, due to low membership, there are not enough candidates for officers.  Debbie made a motion to combine the Secretary and Chair-Elect position due to the lack of membership.  Debbie’s motion specified that the SILC look at once again separating the officer positions in six months.  Billy seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.  Andy motioned to accept the officer nominees.  Anna seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


Membership: The SILC will be aggressively recruiting new members over the Summer.


2011-2012 Fiscal Budget (Billy Allen): Billy began by thanking Julia and Richard for helping to allocate the remaining balance from last year’s budget.  Billy said that, at the end of the day, there will be about a $10,000 balance at the close of the fiscal year.  Billy explained that next year’s budget will be very similar to this past year’s budget.  The budget will be for $48,500, including $9,500 for Professional Services, $10,000 for travel, $5,000 for meetings, $5,000 for program accommodations, $7,000 for operating costs, $6,000 for training, $3,000 for conferences, $500 for membership dues, $2,500 for the needs assessment.   Billy motioned that the SILC improve the next year’s budget.  Anna seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.


Public Policy (Andy O’Riley): The SILC has contracted with Mandy Riggs to compile the new issue brief.  The issue brief will constitute an annual review of independent living, focusing on the four core services.  The committee has already started with providing research on the project.  The committee has provided Mandy with an outline/fact sheet for each of the Core services.   In addition, Richard has received some spotlight stories that can be incorporated in the brief.



Marketing (Debbie Petersen): The committee has been working on developing a unified message.  The committee looked at some of the mission statements for CILs and SILCs around the country and tried to utilize some of the language.  The committee developed a statement and sent it out for review.  The committee received a lot of feedback about what their specific centers do.  So, the center decided to reconstitute the statement along the lines of an elevator speech.  The committee will now take the feedback received during the DSU, ACCIL, and SILC collaborative training and revise the statement this summer.  The committee also discussed using social media.  However, there is some concern about it being accessible.  Therefore, it was not clear if social media would effectively reach the intended audience.  Debbie has also written a letter soliciting help from other agencies in distributing the SILC rack cards.


SPIL Update (Julia Beems): Julia mentioned that the Governor’s office of IT has a project to identify the speeds of broadband across the state.  They are very excited about addressing disability issue as well.  To help them do this, Julia developed a survey to help evaluate the level of access and internet speed.  Julia will send out the surveys to SILC members to help distribute the survey.  The survey hopes to focus especially on rural communities.



Next Meeting Update (Julia Beems): Julia mentioned that the next meeting will be on September 21st.  Debbie will be chair at the next meeting.



Anna motioned to adjourn.  Andy seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm.


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