Meeting Minutes – November 18, 2015

General Meeting     

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Office

2211 W. Evans Ave.

Denver, CO 80203


User name: Metro Guest

Password: DVRguest2211


Present: Joe Anzures, Chair; Bill Wood, Secretary; Travis Morgan, 121 Rep; Steven Estes, Jason Eaton, Karen Prince, DSU Liaison; Matthew Ruggles; Melissa Fishburn & Knox; Chris Roe, Treasurer; Jennifer Scilacci; Martha Mason, Chair Elect

Absent: Nancy Jackson, Mario Rocha, Colin Laughlin, Jerry Michel, James Triplett

Guests: Chantalle Hanschu, CDHS Boards & Commissions Liaison, Rob Buzogany, DVR; Amanda Van Andell, Rocky Mountain Human Services, Deborah Weising, Executive Director, Mile High Independent Living Center; Dixie Herring, The Independence Center Executive Director, Larry Williams Center For Disabilities, Executive Director

Interpreters: Kelly Turner and Katie Young

 Call to Order (Joe) 9:20 am

  • Introductions
    • o Bill Wood will be the Secretary. Please say your names when you are speaking until Bill gets to know everyone.
  • Approval of Agenda
    • o Matthew made the motion, Mellissa second. Motion Passes
  • Chairperson’s Remarks
    • o Please respond to emails, especially Committee Chairs: you are responsible for your committee – agenda, times, notes. We need to develop a format to update
  • Follow-ups from last meeting’s notes
    • o Membership plan review and compliance: Currently fully compliant and constituted. People terms ending in 2016: Joe Anzures, Jerry Michel – not renewing, James Triplett, expect he will renew, Nancy Jackson, but she can be re-voted in by the CIL Directors, Matthew Ruggles, he will renew
    • o Will need to discuss how to handle the website updates with the Website/Social Media committee.
      • Need to discuss updating the maps on the website for the CILs. Some are not correct.
    • o Questions:
      • Bill: will we be following up on Boards & Commissions training. Yes on the agenda.
      • Bill: who is Tim Beatty and do we need to follow up. Tim is from Administration of Community Living and we do not have anything to follow up with him at this time. Notice of Proposed Rule Making was opened this week.
    • Approving the minutes
      • o Bill made the motion to approve the minutes, Melissa seconded. Motion passed.

Old Business

  • Committee member assignments (Joe)
    • o Executive Committee: Officers: Joe-Chair, Martha-Chair-Elect, Bill-Secretary, and Chris-Finance, have been having difficulty meeting, will be sending out a Doodle Poll; Chairs of each Committee.
    • o Finance: Chris Roe is Chair
      • Members:
        • Colin Laughlin
        • Larry Williams
      • Each Committee Chair needs to submit requests to the Finance Committee when the requesting committee has a goal that needs financial resources
    • o SPIL: Martha Mason is Chair
      • Members:
        • Jean Hammes
        • Ian Engle
        • Dixie Herring
        • Patricia Ziegler
        • Joan La Belle
        • Steven Estes
        • Melissa Fishburn
        • Colin Laughlin
      • Bill will talk with Martha about how the Youth committee will work with the SPIL committee
      • Martha will talk with Matthew about underserved populations, specifically regarding the Deaf community.
      • Next meeting is December 14 at 1 pm
    • o Youth: Bill Wood is Chair
      • Members:
        • Matthew Ruggles
        • Steven Estes
        • Susan Weiss
        • Aaron Pastericks
        • Bonne McIntosh
        • Michael Bertram
        • Jodie
        • Rose
        • Peter Matthews
        • Robin Bauknecht
        • Each CIL had been asked to provide one staff member to be on the committee so many of the members are from the CILs
      • o Membership: Joe Anzures will be Chair
        • Members:
          • Nancy Jackson
          • Travis Morgan
          • Jennifer Silva
          • Linda Taylor and Ian Engle will be asked
        • o Public Policy: Matthew Ruggles or James Triplett will be Chair – they will discuss
          • Members:
            • Matthew Ruggles
            • Jennifer Scilacci
            • Patrick Miller
            • Ian Engle
            • James Triplett
            • Deborah Weising
          • o Website/Social media: Jason Eaton is Chair
            • Members:
              • James Triplett
              • Mario Rocha
              • Priscilla Carlson
              • Jennifer Scilacci
            • SILC Congress (Joe/Chris)
              • o Due to the availability of funds the issue of sending a member to the SILC Congress has been raised again.
              • o Joe made a motion to fund sending 1 person to SILC Congress. No second. Motion fails.
              • o Discussion: SILC Congress is the only national conference of all SILCs in the nation. There will be presentations and discussion on WIOA. Discussion of reasons for attendance. Recommendation to return to rotating meetings in the State at or near CILs instead of sending someone to Congress.
            • SILC Coordinator SOW (Joe)
              • o Nancy and Joe worked to update the Statement of Work for the SILC Coordinator.
              • o Motion to approve the recommendation of the Membership committee to have a SILC Coordinator for $12-15/hour through June 30 2016. Estimation of SILC Coordinator costs of $15/hr for 20 hrs/week Jan – June would be $14,500. Funding of SILC Coordinator would require reducing the meeting allocations leaving $7,400 for remaining meetings for travel and lodging. Remaining costs for travel and lodging for remaining meetings is estimated at $9000, which would leave a short fall in the budget if the Coordinator is hired.
              • o Discussion of State limited duties and obligations. Discussion of having a volunteer intern to operate as Coordinator. Discussion of concern of State employee answering SILC phone and email and not being the ‘face’ of SILC.
              • o Travis motioned to have Karen Prince take over the SILC Coordinator duties position through the end of the year. Seconded by Jason. Discussion: Karen will not make decisions and act for the SILC and will forward information to the appropriate SILC member for responding. 5 Aye, 2 Nay, 1 Abstain. Motion passes.
              • o Recommendation to revisit in Executive Committee.
            • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program w/the CILs (Joe)
              • o Grant application that was submitted to provide funds for meetings was not approved with the Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
              • o Joe made the motion to provide $400 support for another Deaf and Hard of Hearing Committee meeting. Jason seconded. Motion Passed.

IL Center Spotlight – Deborah Weising, Executive Director

Mile High Independent Living Center

110 16th Street, #504

Denver, CO 80203

(303) 405-7700

Have 4 new staff starting between now and January; youth, nursing home transitions, general IL position, and office manager. Are building up programs and looking to continue adding staff. Centrally located in Denver accessible by RTD-bus and light rail.

Deborah’s background, 15 years in Hospital and Managed Care, 20 year in Child Welfare. Started a Child placement business with her husband. 3 members of the family have disabilities and 1 has transitioned to a nursing home. Very committed to the IL movement and transition processes.

Chris Roe and Deborah will be collaborating on youth and homeless youth office in the DOLA.

They have a video phone for Deaf consumers and Deborah will be collaborating with Matthew on Deaf and Hard of Hearing services.

Representative from the Center Directors Report (Martha)

  • ACCIL and CIL have been very busy working together. ACCIL had retreat and developed a work plan to develop statewide organization, value of each CIL, public messaging, program partners, Colorado Association for Independent Living (CAIL), finding a place in State government.
  • Funding formula was completed on October 19th. There are $830,000 in additional general funds. Proposed to take $400,000 to start a Division of Independent Living. Have discussed with Sarah Aurich from CDHS and Ellen Golombek from CDLE. Nancy Jackson is the representative for the SILC on the transition meetings.
    • o Discussion on participation level of SILC in the placement of IL in the State and funding the SILC.
  • Funding for the SILC: the CILs are open to utilizing part of the Part B funds to fund the SILC resource plan.
  • The SILC needs to be involved in the action plan to determine where the ILs will be placed in State government. Does require a legislative action.
  • CPWD spotlight: several programs outside CORE programs; CPWD is a Ticket to Work Employment Network and a vendor of DVR. They also provide Benefits Planning to individuals receiving Social Security Administration funds. 2 fee for service programs; Transitions program; and Beyond Vision for 55 and over.

Committee Updates

  1. Executive (Joe)
  • Respond to the Doodle Poll for the next Executive meeting
  1. Finance (Chris)
  • Expenses for November meeting will be less than August as there is less travel involved.
  • We are under budget and will have additional funding available
  • We need budgets from the additional committees for projects before the week before the next SILC meeting
    • o Motion made to require Committee Chairs to submit to Executive Committee a plan and budget through the end of June. Amendment: to add Goals and Objectives in the plan. Amendment to due date of January Executive Committee. Seconded by Joe Anzures and Jason Eaton.
    • o Motion passed.
  • Meetings can be held at DVR for no cost. The Federal regulation change prohibiting food also reduces costs. The contract with the hotel was terminated with a cancelation fee of $513.
  • Question:
    • o Are we expecting committees to travel for meetings or are they conference calls. They are conference calls.
    • o State Fiscal Year for the SILC budget is because the budget is provided from DVR’s basic support/Innovation and Expansion funds, even though the SILC appointments and the SPIL operates on the Federal Fiscal Year
  1. SPIL (Martha)
  • Potential goals have been identified
  • Karen provided Martha with the SPIL template
  • Identifying met goals and the financial prospects are the largest topics for the SPIL development
  1. Youth (Bill)
  • Goal 3 from the SPIL is youth and they have been working it
  • There needs to be a conference or advisory council which needs to be held before September 2016 per the SPIL. Robin Bauknecht is the ASPIRE Manager which works with youth on SSA. She is on the youth committee and a good resource/reference to coordinate a meeting.
  • Chris Roe recommended meeting with Autumn Gold, who runs the homeless youth unit in DOLA and that could be another resource for a meeting/conference/collaboration
  1. Membership (Joe)
  • Recruitment will start up soon
  • Membership committee will be responsible for tracking trainings
  1. Public Policy
  • Have not had a meeting but will soon
  1. Website/Social Media (Jason)
  • Discussed conference dial in information
  • Discussed updating the website
  1. DVR (Karen)
  • Working on the move to DVR
  • CDLE and DVR held 10 stakeholder meetings regarding the merger. From the meetings there were issues raised.
    • Training of staff
    • Wait times
    • Transition
    • Blind services
    • Independent Living
    • Alignment with Federal structure
  • New units will be created for Youth and Transitions and Blind and Low Vision Services (BVIS) both will be up and operational by January.

Public Comment (Sign-up sheet by the door)

  • Jason Eaton: The Independent Living Experience is offering free community resource nights: Feb 18 is Resources and Finances and Independence night. Jason will be presenting on Employment for People with Disabilities on April 21st. There are appetizers.
  • Matthew Ruggles The Independence Center in Colorado Springs has developed a disaster kit for CILs, the kit is available for purchase. It has anything you might need for a person with a disability in it; example: hearing aid batteries, magnifying glasses, etc. They received a grant from the Daniel’s Fund and are in the process of making a video to demonstrate access for people with disabilities during a disaster.
  • Chris Roe: Housing is in the middle of a change. They have to demonstrate how they will be furthering affirmative housing. They are needing to develop a marketing plan and would like the SILC to help facilitate decimation of information. Chris is also involved in the Olmstead plan and there is a State plan to assist with moving individuals out of nursing homes into integrated housing; and are working on adding employment and transportation. Chris is working on rolling out Section 811 for new housing options. They will be doing a Request For Applications in December.

New Business

  • CDHS Boards and Commissions, Chantalle Hanschue
    • o Chantalle introduced herself and provided background on the CDHS Boards and Commissions office.
    • o The online training will be available on the Boards and Commissions website; training is a PowerPoint presentation. The training will be available by the end of the week, email will be sent with link when it is active.
      • Joe made a motion that all new members complete the Boards and Commissions training by the next SILC meeting.
    • o Recruitment: Since the appointments expire on October 1 recommendations must be in to the Department by September 1. Have potential recruits to apply by August 1. Feel free to reach out to others you might know when your terms is coming up for expiration. Governor Hickenlooper requires diversity background for all Coloradoans on the Boards; this means ethnicity, region/statewide, etc. If you need assistance with recruitment, Chantalle can help.
    • o Sunshine Law: all Board business is public; there must be minutes and they need to be available to the public.
  • Peak Parent Center (Beth Schaffner) – rescheduled to next meeting.
  • Independent Living Allocations Committee(ILAC) (Joe/Karen)
    • o Within the SPIL the Resource Plan is established for the next three years. As we are working on the new SPIL we have the opportunity to modify the Part B funds and access up to 30% of the funds under WIOA. The ILAC will provide recommendations and it will be incorporated into the SPIL and once the SPIL is approved by the SILC, 51% of the CIL Executive Directors, and the DSE, then the SPIL will be ratified.
    • o The group is composed of 2 SILC members appointed by the Chair, 2 members chosen by the CIL Directors, and 2 members appointed by the DSU.
    • o Motion to convene the ILAC by Joe. Second by Travis. Motion passed. Jason Eaton and Chris Roe will be representatives. Martha will talk with the CIL Directors for their 2 representatives.
  • Administrative Items (Joe)
    • o Bios and Photos for the website
      • Please jot down a few words about yourself and provide a picture to Jason
      • Deadline to have information to Karen Prince is January 10, 2016
    • o Brochures
      • Jason will work on updating brochures
    • o Business cards
      • It is not required to have business cards but is a good idea to have.
      • Follow up with Karen Prince if you want business cards and let her know what you want on them.
      • Email
        • We can set you up on a SILC email address that will come through the website
      • o Nametags
        • Let Karen Prince know if you want one
      • o Smooth as SILC
        • Information will come out hopefully by January of the next training session
      • o SRC Representative
        • Joe made a motion that Melissa Fishburn be the SRC Representative from the SILC. Jason seconded. Approved.
      • o Travel(Karen)

3:05            Adjourn

Next Meeting Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at Denver Metro office 2211 W. Evans Ave. Denver CO 80203