Council Members

The Executive Officers are listed by position

Officers (2016 – 2017)

Joe Anzures, Chair


Chris Roe, Chair-Elect

Chris Roe has worked for the State of Colorado providing housing services to special needs populations for 18 years.   During that time he developed or expanded and administered tenant based Housing Choice Voucher programs, a Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership program, Project Based Vouchers, Shelter Plus Care housing for homeless people with disabilities, the Section 8 Mod Rehab Programs, and state funded housing vouchers for people with disabilities leaving institutions.  He has submitted funding applications that have resulted in over $20 million in housing funding coming to Colorado annually.   He has provided training and technical assistance on housing and homeless issues for people with special needs for local state and national organizations on issues including:

  • Housing and services for people with special needs;
  • Homeownership;
  • Housing for homeless populations;
  • Housing for people leaving institutions; and
  • Accessibility and home modification.

Prior to working with the State he was the Deputy Director of Community Housing Services, an agency provided housing and landlord/tenant information for low income Colorado residents.  He also worked for 9 years as the Program Coordinator of the day treatment program for people with chronic mental illness at the Arapahoe Mental Health Center.

Chris is married, has three grown children and one grandchild.  He enjoys hiking, playing racquet ball, woodworking and spending time with his family.


Martha Mason, Treasurer

Martha Mason runs Southwest Center for Independence ( in Durango, Colorado.  She has two Bachelor’s Degrees – one in Psychology and one in Animal Behavior, and a Masters in Special Education.  Martha has about 30 years’ experience working with people with different disabilities.   She’s provided both direct services and service coordination for people with a variety of disabilities, but has aligned herself with the Disability Rights Movement and tried to focus on making supports more consumer-driven.  Her experience includes running a vocational programs in both the intellectual/ developmental disabilities and mental health systems.  She started a free-standing case management agency after she got written up for referring someone to another company’s therapist.  She has worked as an advocate with The Arc, doing grassroots community building through training and work groups. In this position she observed people taking charge of their lives with support from each other.   In addition, she was involved with the inception of New Mexico’s self-determined Waiver Program, which Tom Nerny said,  “…arguably the best Waiver in the country.”  The things she learned from people with disabilities, families and allies set her up better to deal with her own acquired disabilities.   She knows that disability rights are civil rights.  She enjoys rabble rousing and mixing things up, sharing information, and watching the community grow when people talk to each other about what’s important.Martha has 22 year old twins, a husband who is a woodworker, a step-daughter in Montana who has 3 children, various pets, and chickens.  She lives in a tiny house on 2 acres in Red Mesa (population 200), hauling water and cutting firewood.  She supports the American Civil Liberties Union and the San Juan Citizens Alliance, addressing regional environmental issues.
Steve Heidenreich, Secretary



Listed alphabetically

Lana Eggers – HCPF Representative (Non-voting member)

Lana Eggers works at the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Colorado’s Medicaid office) administering home and community based services. Specifically, she manages the Elderly, Blind, and Disabled waiver program. Lana is passionate about ensuring that individuals with disabilities have access to the supports and services they need to live in their home and community. Prior to her position at Health Care Policy and Financing, Lana worked at the New York Association on Independent Living as a policy analyst. In this role she analyzed state and federal legislative activity for impact on Independent Living Centers and the people they serve. Lana received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from University of California, San Diego and a master’s degree in Public Health from University at Albany. Lana lives in Denver with her husband, dog, and cat and enjoys gardening, crafts, and travel.



Melissa Fishburn

 With her service dog Knox






Nancy Jackson – Center Director Representative
Fort Collins


Nancy Jackson has led Disabled Resource Services (DRS) as executive director for 35 years. DRS is one of nine Centers for Independent Living (CILs) in Colorado that assist people with disabilities of any age and any kind of disability to live well in their community. Her Center covers the north central region of the state (Larimer and Jackson counties). Nancy is in her second 3-year term on the Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) as the representative of the CILs. She’s passionate about working to ensure that people with disabilities have a strong voice as self-advocates thus enabling them to live with dignity and independence in full control of their lives.


Charlotte Morgan
Travis Morgan – Tribal Representative


Rick Newell
Highlands Ranch

Rick Newell is a student at Metro State University of Denver and studying Hotel Management. He currently works at The Urban Egg Restaurant in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Besides SILC, he is involved in a number of different activities that include the Men’s Choir at Metro State, band rehearsals with friends, choir at his church, writing music for different occasions, public speaking, and theater.

One unique thing about Rick is that he earned his Eagle Scout rank when he was 15 years old. By the time he aged out of Boy Scouts, he had earned seven Eagle Palms, an additional 35 merit badges. During Rick’s tenure as a Boy Scout he became a member of The Order of the Arrow, scouting’s national honor society, and achieved the level of Brotherhood.

Some hobbies he enjoys are attending live music concerts, going to movies with friends, playing golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, swimming, and hiking. Rick is very involved in the disability community and loves helping others do well in life. This is why Rick has become a member of Colorado SILC and serves on CO SILC Youth Committee.


Matthew Ruggles
Palmer Lake

Matthew Ruggles joined Colorado SILC in 2014, and has served on the Council for three years. He decided to become a Council member when he noticed that there were no deaf members.  In joining the Council his initial and primary goal was to make sure deaf Coloradans are covered for services. As a SILC member his current objective is to have Colorado Centers for Independent Living accessible to all deaf/hard of hearing/deaf-blind community members.  Matthew currently serves on the Public Policy and Emergency Preparedness Committees and Chairs the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Committee.

Matthew earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Packaging Science and was a Certified Packaging Professional for 18 years.  For the past eight (8) years he has been into providing services for the deaf/hard of hearing, and deaf/blind communities.

Matthew looks forward to making improvements in all services for the deaf/hard of hearing/deaf-blind in Colorado.


Jennifer Scilacci – DSU Rep (Non-voting Member)
Steamboat Springs

Jennifer is most fulfilled when helping people to grow professionally. Having worked in a full variety of roles in the disability employment field since 1996, she has the vision and ability to nurture relationships with both individuals, community partners and employers to lead to long term success.Jennifer is proud to work for CO DVR where she has been employed since 2000.  Over the past years, she worked as a counselor in the Steamboat and surrounding mountain areas, a Supervisor for the Mountain District, and a Regional Manager.  She currently manages the Self-Employment, Supported Employment and the Business Outreach Programs for DVR.  She serves on the SILC and the Rural Consortium Workforce Boards. She is lucky enough to live in Steamboat Springs with her husband and dog, thoroughly enjoying this mountain environment with regular hiking, camping, paddle boarding and anything else that the day may bring.


James “Joe” Triplett

Before moving to Colorado, James “Joe” Triplett served on the Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) in Oklahoma for two (2), three-year terms; he learned a lot from this experience. He learned about independent living (IL) and Oklahoma’s specific needs. While in Oklahoma he also served as the State President on the National Federation of the Blind for three (3) years and as First Vice-President for ten (10) years.Currently he is on the Governor’s Colorado Advisory Council (CAC) with people with disabilities. He Co-Chairs the Council and serves on the ADA, Executive, and Parking Education Committees.James “Joe” joined Colorado SILC in 2015, and will be starting his second term in 2017. He is currently serving on the Strategic Planning, Retreat, and Membership Committees. He believes strongly in all five (5) core services that ILs provide including advocacy and transitioning people out of nursing homes.He looks forward to learning much more during his tenure on CO SILC. James “Joe” is committed to actively participating on the Council and making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.



Bill Wood
New Castle

Bill Wood moved to Colorado in the fall of 2015, after living in Alaska for over 40 years. While in Alaska, Bill owned a management consultant firm that provided human resource, strategic planning, and organizational development consulting and training services to clients throughout Alaska & the Pacific Northwest. Many of his clients were organizations that provided services to people with disabilities.Following a 2001 automobile accident, Bill had to close his consulting practice. Shortly thereafter he was hired as Director of Human Resources by Access Alaska, a very large Center for Independent Living based in Anchorage.“Although I had relatives with various disabilities, and a mom who for years worked with children who had developmental disabilities, until my accident I never really knew or understood the emotional, physical, and mental challenges people with disabilities had to deal with. Now I both know AND understand we must individually and collectively find the courage, patience, and commitment to deal with personal and political prejudice while trying to handle basic activities of daily living.” Bill is currently the SILC Chairman of the Youth Committee. He and his wife Kathy live in New Castle.


Adam Mercier, Intern
Steamboat Springs


Adam Mercier was born in Denver, Colorado and adopted at the age of seven (7) years old. In 2004, his family moved him to his hometown of Craig where he currently resides.

He has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and November of 2016, became a consumer at the North West Colorado Center for Independence (NWCCI). By March of 2017, Adam joined the Colorado SILC Youth Advisory Council (YAC) from the northwest region and has since become a Colorado SILC Youth Committee Intern. He is currently serving a one-year term in this position.

His life has been hard but he would like to share some of his resources and publicly thank those who have supported him.  Yampa Valley Autism Program (YVAP) of Steamboat Springs, has provided help and support. Lisa Lorenz is President of the YVAP Program; she referred him to NWCCI where he got involved in CO SILC YAC and subsequently his current position as an intern. He publicly would like to thank Lisa, YVAP, and NWCCI.



Office Staff

 Peter J. Pike, Program Manager

Office of Independent Living Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Peter Pike serves as the Program Manager of the Office of Independent Living Services.  The Office of Independent Living Services was established as a new unit within Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation enacted by SB16-093.  The Office of Independent Living Services (Office) oversees and manages the State’s contracts with the nine Centers for Independent Living (CILs) also called Independent Living Centers. The Office of Independent Living Services provides staff to the Colorado SILC, partners in the State Plan for Independent Living, and serves as the fiscal sponsor.  Additionally, the Office works to

  • Increase the visibility and understanding of the core services delivered by the Centers for Independent Living and Colorado SILC;
  • Increase partnerships among Federal agencies; State agencies; Advisory Councils; community-based service system networks; and, Centers for Independent Living;
  • Collaboratively partner with the Centers for Independent Living and Colorado SILC to build capacities.


Karen Prince, MA, MS, LPCC, CRC

Independent Living Program Coordinator

Karen has a special interest in the area of assisting persons with disabilities to find their passion in life and be able to achieve their goals and dreams.  Karen has worked for the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) for ten (10) years. She has a Master’s degree, in Psychology and in Rehabilitation Counseling; she is currently working on her Doctorate degree in Human Services.